About Therese

Yoga Teacher – Activist – Researcher

My Yoga Journey

Yoga has always been part of my life since I came in touch with it in my childhood. Later on I discovered how powerful yoga is as a tool for healing on more than just a physical level. The conscious movement of the physical body touched the deeper levels of my being. My personal yoga is a healing journey that guides me to the most hidden and unattended parts of myself. Since 2013 I am blessed to have students, who trust me to teach them. This is a calling and a profession. As a teacher I point possible directions of practice and activity to my students in full respect of their independence, individuality and the knowledge they bring to the class.

Yoga Activism

As a feminist I believe in the yoga as a tool for social change. The transformation and healing process is an act of political resistance to the unjust neoliberal, racist and patriarchal system. The internal and personal journey is one aspect of yogic activism. Equally important is to form alliances for social change, listen to and empower yogis at the margins and make yoga more accessible. I use the platform of my workshops and trainings to talk about consent, cultural appropriation and structural inequalities visible in the yoga world. My goal is to create safe yoga spaces to heal, learn and share with one another.

Yoga Research

I have always had a critical mind. In my undergraduate studies I found my love for critical theory, queer theory and postcolonial studies. Theorizing is a powerful tool of emancipation. In my first teacher training many questions about yoga philosophy, ethics in yoga classes and the lack on inclusivity of yogic spaces remained unanswered. I looked for it at Uni and had to realize that the field of yoga studies is shockingly uncritical. To change that and go deeper I went to further my studies of yoga SOAS. My academic interest is at the intersection of modern yoga, feminism and critical theory. I aim to show ways of how the teaching of yoga need to change in order to realize its full potential as a catalyst of change and emancipation.


  • MA in Traditions of Yoga and Meditation at SOAS (London)
  • 3 years (620h) of Hatha Yoga Teacher Training at Sebastian Kneipp Akademie with Monika Swoboda (Germany)
  • BA in International Development at University of Vienna (Austria)
  • 200h Yoga Alliance Yoga Teacher Training at Wiener Yogaschule (Austria)
  • various workshops and additional trainings over a course of 10 years


The Pink House

The pink house institute is Kosovo’s first club-association for holistic health and education. We
create safe spaces to celebrate healing and release the stigma around sickness. The approach to
healing we offer is holistic, embodied, collective.

Yoga School Kosovo

Founded in 2017 YSK is the first yoga school is Kosovo conducting yoga teacher training. I am involved as a founding member and teacher in YSK.

Membership & Accreditation