This workshop series is for yoga practitioners and teachers who want to dive deeper into the philosophy of yoga. It is particularly directed to those who dare to question some of the content. The workshops centre around contextualising the respective philosophical ideas, first in their time of origin, and second in the present. The workshops will present the latest yoga research. Through this we will get familiar with the basic principles and discuss the ideas of each philosophy. In the next step we will apply the ideas to our contemporary everyday lives.

Some questions we will ask are: On which philosophical ideas is yoga based? What does ancient yogic thought mean to us now? How was it transmitted to survive until today? What were the political and social aspects of this idea to survive?

I offer four workshops of 3h each. They can be booked individually, in separate parts or as a whole series.

  • The Vedas and Upanishads
  • The Buddhist, Classical and
  • Tantric Yogas
  • Modern Yoga