Adjust –  Align –  Experience

This workshop series is for everyone who wants to build a solid foundation for āsana practice, as well as those who want to explore the depth of a fully aligned āsana. The workshop picks you up where you are, may it be an interested practitioner, or a teacher who aims to get more secure in adjusting poses. Inspired by the techniques of Spitaldynamik® and Iyengar Yoga this workshop offers a deep and intense analysis of the āsana. We will shift from several poses in flowing sequences to only a few poses held for a while. We will slow down and take a very close look at our posture. Through an understanding of the anatomy of the body as well as the symbolism of the āsana we will deepen the physical practice. This approach enables participants to reduce the risk of injury as well as to get deeper in the practice. Through this method we can (re-)connect with ourselves and practice yoga as a whole being. We experience the effects of āsana practice not only in the body, but as the whole emotional, mental and spiritual being.

In the series each of the four workshops centres around a different group of āsanas. The workshops last for 3h. They can be booked individually, in separate parts or as a whole series.

The Haṭha Yoga Intensive is a series of four workshops:

  • Being Steadfast – Standing Postures
  • Being Open – Backbending
  • Being Humble – Forwardbending
  • Being Flexible – Twists