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Hatha Yoga Intensive

Hatha Yoga Intensive

April 12, 2020

Hatha Yoga Intensive

Align –  Experience – Release

This workshop series is for everyone who wants to build a solid foundation for yoga. The workshops pick you up where you are, may it be a beginner or an advanced practitioner who aims to get deeper into the poses. Inspired by the techniques of Spiraldynamik® and Iyengar Yoga this workshop offers a physical analysis of the āsana. It is ideal for beginners who want to try yoga or ensure they know the poses before committing to a course or membership. Through an understanding of the anatomy of the body as well as the symbolism of the āsana we will deepen the physical practice. This approach enables participants to reduce the risk of injury as well as to get deeper in the practice. Both days involve deep physical practice, breath work, an extended deep relaxation as well as a beginners meditation.

Heart Opening

On Sunday we will focus on alignment of back-bending postures. These poses bring us into activity and rejuvenate us. We open our hearts to step into the world with more presence and self-confidence!

Location: Youth Innovation Center, Soma Yoga Peja

15 Euro (for one workshop)

20 Euro (for both workshops)

Soma Yoga

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