This workshop is specifically for yoga teachers and those who want to become yoga teachers. It is based on my current academic research Re-Thinking Yoga Pedagogy, at SOAS. In the workshop we will critically engage with what it means to teach yoga. Thanks to #metoo and the many survivors who dare to speak up, we are aware that even in yoga teacher misuse their position as trusted guides. In this workshop we will ask why. And how. How can we make a difference? How can my yogaclass an inclusive and save space for people to come home, practice and heal?

Some alternative pedagogical approaches will be introduced and applied to the yogic context. We will develop practical tools to create a save and welcoming atmosphere of mutual respect between teacher and student.

The original workshop takes 4h. It can however be extended to 6h or shortened to 2h.

The key concepts introduced in this workshop are:

  • Consent to Touch
  • Engaged Pedagogy
  • The Student-Teacher Relationship
  • Authority
  • The Creation of Save Spaces
  • Creating inclusivity