In the past years I travelled over 8000 km by bicycle. When I travel by bicycle my yoga practice changes drastically. These two ways of moving the body and training need to be brought together in a way that the muscles and joints are protected and strengthened. I developed a yoga practice that complements my cycling and the other way around.

In this workshop we will have a close look at the anatomic challenges of cycling and establish a yoga practice that helps preventing those problems. The two aims of this workshop are:

  • To train the specific muscles needed for biking
  • To balance an intense bike training though stretching and relaxation

First, we will use some yoga for preparation. A special focus will be on the knee, because in biking the knee needs to be taken care of in particular. We will develop a yoga practice that ideally prepares the body for getting into cycling.Secondly, we stretch and relax the muscles strained in cycling.

This is a 5h workshop, that can be done in two parts.